Cover from Again, A Time Machine: from distribution to archive
       Edited by Gavin Everall and Jane Rolo (2012) 
       Designer: James Langdon 
       Cover image: Photograph from Notable Days, Pavel Büchler (1990)

Karen Di Franco – Book Works

An artist and archivist, Karen Di Franco works with collections of materials and ephemera relating to artistic practice and book production. Recent projects include the development of Book Works online archive and the touring exhibition and publication, Again, A Time Machine. She is an independent researcher in the UK Web Archive at the British Library and is currently based at the Ligatus Research Centre, CCW Graduate School, University of the Arts, London.

An Alternative Catalogue

This presentation will give a brief background to Book Works, the context to my work there as an archivist, and the broader project of devising methods for digital cataloguing. Book Works' digital archive is structured through the use of taxonomy schemes that allow for the visitor to configure materials in ways that move beyond standard categorisation; this is achieved by integrating contextual material such as manuscripts, photographs, correspondence and ephemera, with a back list of published works that can be searched by process or theme, via a tailored classification system. By organising archival materials around published works, a clearer insight into the working processes of Book Works — and its collaborators — can be presented, from conception to production. The presentation will include examples from two case studies, and the recent project, Again, A Time Machine (2010-12); these will demonstrate the convergence of archival material and the commissioning of new works which have, in turn, become archived.