Martin Conrads and Franziska Morlok &nash; Berlin University of the Arts

"Postdigital ist besser" ("Post-digital is better"), our last semester's jointly hosted seminar at the Berlin University of the Arts’ Visual Communications department was composed around the topic of the relationship between the physical and the digital in book making.

The seminar with around 20 graphic design students comprised of a close reading of Alessandro Ludovico’s book "Post-Digital Print" (2012), accompanied by the presentation of students’ papers relating to texts by Agentur BILWET, Sara de Bondt / Bob Stein, Jorge Luis Borges, Florian Brody, Kim Cascone, Vilém Flusser, Félix Guattari, Jessica Helfland, Jeremy Leslie, El Lissitzky, Lev Manovich, Marshall McLuhan, Craig Mod, László Moholy-Nagy, Domenico Quaranta, Dmitri Siegel, Beatrice Warde, Siegfried Zielinski, etc.

The seminar also especially included practical tasks about the notion of artists' books in the age of post-digital publishing, which the students responded to by designing and actually manufacturing related book objects, now to be presented at the New Art of Making Books conference.


Valerian Blos, Vinzent Britz, Maja Dika, Marius Förster, Carolin Gießner, Daniel Heidt, Nora Heinisch, Natalie Herlinghaus, Vera Kellner, Stefanie Kolb, Donnie O'Sullivan, Robert Preusse, Stefanie Rau, Ana Halina Ringleb, Nina Ritter, Ann-Kristin Röhrs, Alina Rudya, Giulia Schelm, Felix Schröder, Idan Sher, Vincent Tollens, Martin Wecke, Denis Yilmaz.

Images are by Martin Wecke and Robert Preusse.

"Our question is how the current media shift towards the post-digital era is made visible and tangible by graphic and book design."